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The science which deals with hair disorders trichology. The disorders range from usual hair for (countable number of hairs) to enormous proportions of hair fall. Additionally, lot of myths and facts prevail regarding grooming of the hairs.

Hairs stylists & hair spa play a major role in this respect. Dermatologists, who are also qualified Trichologists, should always be consulted for disorders. Hair analysis (hair scan-trichoscan, trichogram) a good tool to diagnose, common conditions of hair falls. At times various blood investigations are performed to support these diagnoses.

Congenital absence of hairs, various patchy hair loss conditions, premature graying and balding, abrupt breakage of hair shafts and various dermatological diseases occurring in the scalp are some of the disorders requiring prompt medical attention.

Soaps, shampoos and oils do not play a major role in grooming the hairs. Frequent washing of the hairs is not recommended nutrients in the diet play a major role in mentioning the normal physiological growth pattern of the hairs.