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1. Use prescribed medications only.

2. Use medication for prescribed time only.

3. Do not over and/ or under medicate yourself.

4. Confirm dosages, method of topical medication application from your Doctor.

5. Only authentic cosmetics should be used.

6. No product, cosmetic or pharmaceutical, is free from unwanted effects.

7. Allergy testing has limitations and hence is not routinely performed.

8. Stick to particular system of medication i.e. either Allopathic, Ayurveda or Homeopathy etc… do not have parallel treatments.

9. Home care products/ treatments should be used with the knowledge of the Doctor only.

10. Do not consume over-cooked and/ or under- cooked food.

11. Meat/ Poultry twice in a week in is allowed except in few allergic disorders.

12. Colored fruits/ vegetable have anti-oxidant properties and hence should be used in plenty.

13. In a tropical country like India, seasonal variations are frequent and have skin drying and allergic tendencies are frequent. So proper hydration with plenty of salads and fruits is a must. (At least 3 – 31/2 liters of water intake in mandatory).

14. Frequent bathing is good for dry skin, especially in children who suffer from Alopic Dermatitis.

15. Application of soaps, shampoos, oils should be used after consultation with a Doctor. Syndet soaps are ideal soaps. Shampoos are not hazardous and any shampoo can be used. Soaps/ shampoos/ oils normally do not cause hair loss.

16. Early morning exposure to Sunlight (UVrays) is good for Vit D3 synthesis.