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Its common disorder to occur in extreme climatic conditions, where intense itching is the main presenting feature. This skin disorder can be seen immediately after few weeks of birth and then on words, in a repetitive manner. There are many type of eczema seen in children, the commonest being Atopic eczema and Seborroic Dermatitis. Children with topic dermatitis have tendency for dry skin. Episodes of common cold, bronchitis and/ or bronchial asthma. These children have allergic tendencies to agent like high protein diet for examples Eggs, Meat, Dry Fruits, Cow’s Milk etc…; synthetic clothing’s, pollens, dust and dust mites etc… proper concealing and food habits are to be nurture in these children’s. Judicious use of moisturizers is required.

Seborroic dermatitis is seen immediately after birth. New born and infants have waxy dandruff like scales in the scale and redness beneath the scales. This disorder is of a lesser severity as compared to Atopic dermatitis. But is not managed properly can assumed enormous and life threatening proportions. This disorder with altered presentation can be seen in adults and when recurrent, HIV infection should be ruled out.