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Rituximab in pemphigus:

Pemphigus is known to be chronic, relapsing, blistering disorder of the skin and mucous membrane. Systemic steroids form the mainstay of the treatment. However, side effects with steroids are much more. At times younger age, wide spread disease, intolerant medications, steroid induced complications etc. prompt a Doctor to change the line of treatment. A newer drug RITUXIMAB, a biological drug, is quite effective in these patients. However the drugs too have limitation due to side effects and exorbitant cost. But premedication investigations can certainly allow a clinician to adjust the dosage and reduce the toxicity.

- June 25, 2013

Cyclosporine in common skin disorder:

A drug commonly used in renal and other organ transplants, have certainly many patients by virtue of its immune- modulatory activity. This drug has toxicity and should be used in commoner skin disorders with a pinch of salt. These side effects are manageable and less in severity.

The commonly covered skin conditions with this drug are PSORISIS, VITILIGO, LICHEN PLANUS and ATOPIC DERMATITIS.

- June 25, 2013